Sunday, June 5, 2011


I finally posted!! I posted so much even that to see our graduation post you have to click on "older posts!" I don't think I've ever done that much before. I'll try to keep up on it better!!

Treacherous Hike!

So we went online and found a hike nearby our new house up to see some waterfalls. We started out and the trail was really really steep and not very defined and a straight drop off into a raging river. That probably should have been the time we turned around, but we kept going and it got worse and worse until it started to rain and we decided that we should probably head back. It was really scary with Isabella in a backpack on my front and Cody in a backpack on Kasey's back, we ended up sliding down on our butts some of the time, but we made it safe and sound!! As we were driving back we realized that we missed the actual trail! So we'll go back to the REAL trail and try again another day. :)

Hanging out in SLC

We've done a lot of fun things since being here in Bountiful. The kids and I went to Salt Lake with our niece Halee, and then Kasey's brother and sister Bret and Arianne stayed with us for a day and we spent some time with them in Salt Lake. I feel bad that we don't have any pictures with them, but it was really fun to have Kasey's whole family out here for his brother's wedding. A fire truck stopped right in front of our car and the fireman offered to give us a tour of the truck! Cody thought it was so awesome!